What Is An Obstructed View On A Cruise Ship?

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A cruise ship is a floating city. It’s an environment that brings people together worldwide and offers many opportunities for leisure activities.

For instance, there are several restaurants on board with food prepared by international chefs using local ingredients; museums and art galleries to stimulate your mind; entertainment venues such as theaters and cinemas showing first-run films in English, French, or German; sporting facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses, sports stations offering everything from volleyball games to table tennis.

Obstruction View

Staterooms with an obstructed view will not have a clear line of sight to the outside. The obstruction could be due to the position of lifeboats or outer structure on the ship, so it is crucial for you as a customer.

On a cruise ship, it’s not uncommon to see people who stare at their phones throughout dinner. They’re probably reading emails, checking social media sites, text messaging friends, and browsing websites.

If they had taken my advice, they would have spent more time enjoying themselves instead of staring at screens.

In this article, I’ll discuss what obstructing your view means and why it happens. Then we will look at some solutions to help you get around obstacles.

Why Do You Need An Obstructed View?

There are several reasons why you might want to find yourself in an area where you can’t easily use your mobile phone.

You may be trying to avoid distractions when working or studying or simply wanting to enjoy an activity without being disturbed by others.

It could also be because you don’t like how your cabin looks, or you’ve been allocated one near the elevator bank, so you cannot move freely around the deck.

For example, if you have a room next to the elevators, you might prefer eating lunch in a restaurant rather than going outside. If you’re doing research or writing, you might not want people barging into your workspace while chatting away with each other.

And finally, if you use internet access points provided by the cruise line, you may not want to disturb other guests who wish to access these areas too.

Obstacles To A Good Night’s Sleep

So far, I’ve talked mostly about why you’d take your phone off your bed – but what about when you put it back under the covers? Why does this happen?

Here are just two examples of things that can disrupt sleep:


Music has a significant effect on our moods. Some music helps us fall asleep faster, while other types make falling asleep harder.

This means that listening to music can either help or hinder your ability to nod off. If you listen to music before bed, try switching it off halfway through (perhaps during your favorite part). This should prevent any further effects.

If you know which songs cause problems, try playing them later in the day and avoiding them at night.


Talking on the telephone is known to help you drift off quickly. But talking to someone can keep your brain active long after they hang up.

Try finding an alternative method to communicate with friends. Write a letter or email instead of calling; chat face to face rather than via video call; or even meet up in person.

Whatever works best for you, remember that many people on cruises aren’t used to having privacy, so don’t feel shy about asking someone to let you get past.

How Do You Get Around Obstacles?

Now you understand why you sometimes hear people saying “I’m sorry, I love you” on their mobiles; you may wonder how they got out of an area that doesn’t have a door.

Well, most cruise ships have at least one exit point in case of emergency. These include fire exits, escape hatches, and stairways. However, they are often hidden away and hard to find.

Most cruise lines provide detailed maps of their decks. If you’re looking for a specific place, check whether you can find directions online or ask reception.

But it would be best not to rely solely on signs and maps. Take a tour of the ship once, and always return to the same route. That way, you’ll learn where the nearest exits are located and how to reach them quickly in an emergency.

Solutions And Tips

Once you understand why something causes an obstruction, you can start thinking of ways to overcome the problem. Here are three simple ideas to consider.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are good for giving you a clear view of anything behind you, but they can also help you to see what’s beyond the boundaries of your cabin.

They can reflect sunlight onto walls or windows, helping you read books or articles better in low-light conditions. They also allow you to see yourself in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear.

You can buy cheap mirrors from stores selling worn clothing items or second-hand shops. However, if you value your possessions, it’s worth spending money on quality mirrors made from glass.

These tend to be heavier and costlier to ship. Don’t worry; it won’t set you back very much to invest in a few nice ones. Just spend more time outdoors!

Invest in curtains

Curtains come in several different styles. Some are designed to open completely, while others only cover the window.

Some are made of fabric, whereas others are made of metal. Whatever suits your needs, investing in curtains is an easy way to add extra privacy.

Use blinds

Blinds are helpful in a similar way. They can block out sunlight entirely, allowing you to relax in peace. Alternatively, you can open them halfway to create a partial shade.

Again, this option comes in different forms. There are mini blinds that sit above your head, blocking out the sun altogether. Other kinds have louvers on the sides that allow sunlight to pass through.

The Best Way To Find The Right Location In Your Cabin Or Room

Finding the correct position in your cabin isn’t usually difficult. After all, you generally stay in one place while sleeping anyway.

The key is to choose a location that allows you to focus on whatever you want to do.

Consider what you’ll be doing when you wake up, how long you plan to stay awake, and where you’ll want to retire at the end of your session.

Then pick somewhere within walking distance of your chosen destination.

Don’t forget that you’ll still need to store your belongings safely. That goes for anywhere you walk, regardless of its proximity to doors and lifts!

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